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Choose from our selection of high quality archives:

1. FACTfinder

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It's the ideal tool for finding Irish information ... letting you search articles, abstracts and citations of articles from more than 250 publications and other sources.

It covers articles on both business and social sciences from national newspapers, scores of magazines, stories from our own Business World newswire and also stories from many websites.

Most material is available back to 2000, though some sources are available for shorter periods.

With more 2,500,000 articles indexed and searchable, it is by far the largest system of its type in Ireland. And 1,000 extra articles are being added per day,

FACTfinder returns the full text of articles or, in some cases, abstracts or citations.

It is available on an annual subscription basis.

Once in FACTfinder you do your search on either our collection of business publications or our collection of social sciences publications.

If you are already a subscriber, connect to it from here. If, on the other hand, you would like more details, click here , or call John McAleese at 01 6618625.

Note: An additional "pay as you use" version of FACTfinder gives you access to 125 Irish business sources. Access it from here:

Pay as you use .



2. Companies Registration Office searches

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Yes, you can search data on all 425,000 Irish registered companies, live, suspended and struck off. The service searches Companies Registration Office data, providing

  • basic postings and other information
  • images of documents lodged at the CRO, including annual returns and accounts
  • It is 25pc cheaper than getting them from the CRO itself, and it's live online.

The service is provided by our partner company Vision-Net.

Check out the details about subscribing by calling John McAleese at 01-6618625