Latest Dublin Prices

Aer Lingus 1.37 0.02 more
BoI 0.26 0.00 more
CRH 18.14 -0.02 more
Glanbia 11.71 0.09 more
Greencore 0.64 -0.02 more
Ind. News 0.12 0.01 more
Ryanair 7.09 0.25 more


13:00 Plea for commercial rates reduction
12:47 Ryanair shares surge 4pc on forecast
12:37 Obama may act to end tax inversions
12:33 Virgin America to list on Wall St
12:13 'Revenue to tax good corp governance'
12:02 Netwatch say property crimes down in H1
11:51 Irish researchers create new Intel board
11:41 C Bank predict better 14 economy growth
11:32 SMEs: changes on way to Govt tenders
11:15 Tourism number up 12.3pc April to June
11:06 Annual core retail sales rise 3.6pc
11:00 Dublin in for E11m conference boost
10:39 EMC picks Irish execs for top roles
10:30 Regulator to end hedge fund loan ban
10:23 Irish wholesale gas prices 4-year low
10:17 Kilkenny forex firm hits USD5bn mark
10:11 Pensions funds key to E7.5bn SME boost
10:04 Version 1 to create 100 Dublin jobs
09:55 Amazon's investors cautious
09:46 European shares dip early
09:42 Nikkei rises to new 6-month high
09:34 McDonald's China food scandal
09:26 Brent slips near $108
09:20 Gold slips on stronger dollar
09:14 China shares close at high level
09:06 Nissan profit rises
09:01 Dollar pauses for breath
08:54 Pfizer's need for deal looms larger
08:45 Germany to reject EU-Canada trade deal
08:37 Scotland exit risk for investors
08:24 Apple iPhones controversy
08:18 Ireland will allow hedge funds to lend
08:13 Ryanair lifts profit guidance
17:22 US says world backsliding on trade deal
17:03 FTSE dips but buoyed by RBS results
16:32 Indo faces court over Anglo Tapes
16:16 Dutch grief changes EU mind on Russia
15:44 Oil prices fall despite wars raging
15:29 Landmark court case for Irish DB pension
15:08 Wall St lower as earnings weigh
15:04 C Bank slams sales commission regimes
14:25 Amazon outlook dims on competition
14:13 Merkel's friend dashes Irish bank hopes
14:02 Allergan gets a boost from eye drug
12:59 Cyprus bailout review completed
12:46 Rating agency Moody's profits up 42pc
12:31 Govt reacts to Obama's Irish tax claim
12:20 Euro struggles after weak German data
12:15 Irish, Dutch, UK in US beauty contest
11:53 US group buy Cork-based Mingoa Ltd
11:42 Irish Daily Mail publisher profits rise
11:34 German business morale slumps
11:16 Google pay E27.7m tax in Ireland
11:01 BskyB pay US9bn to create Sky Europe
10:54 Rail workers to strike on Aug 25th
10:36 Ulster Bank post surprise Stg55m profit
10:23 Vodafone Ire sees expanded data use
10:13 Govt in talks to pay IMF loans early
10:10 Obama slams US firms Irish tax inversion
09:42 Irish Bank lending falls
09:25 Britain's FTSE down ahead of growth data
09:10 German Ifo business morale index falls
08:56 Luxury stocks lead European shares
08:21 German business 100 pct behind sanctions
08:18 BSkyB to create Sky Europe
08:08 Air France-KLM low-cost plan
08:03 Vodafone revenue dragged lower by Spain
08:00 RBS releases earnings early
17:23 Investors love Facebook results, shares
17:10 Global economy in better place now
16:37 Govt starts mobile spectrum review
16:20 Boston Sci earnings beat expectations
16:15 Pointless guessing outcome of bank tests
15:53 House price rise analysis: Too few homes
15:31 Reed Elsevier helps life FTSE 100
15:29 An Post seek tender for 80k post boxes
15:06 Eli Lilly earning trounce forecasts
14:48 Changes to force banks to set aside cash
14:30 Facebook shares to surge on earnings
14:25 E50k for 10 Irish SMEs from EU grant
14:20 US jobless claims lowest since 2006
13:05 Ireland punches above weight for FDI
12:52 Euro on the up after 8-month dollar low
12:40 Star Wars 7 to shoot on Skellig Island
12:28 Criminal charges against UK Alstom
12:26 Dublin house prices rising E220 a day
11:56 Search engines hauled before regulators
11:44 GSK unveil world's 1st malaria vaccine
11:26 Ryanair winter boost for Shannon Airport
11:19 "Silicon Docks" bar going for E3.5m
11:10 Dub home price rise twice national rate
10:48 Nearly 1 in 40 Dubliners a millionaire
10:41 John Malone to buy Dublin's Westin Hotel
10:35 Hibernia may buy Cumberland House
10:19 Dublin's Verve open London office
10:13 Surge in confidence among Irish CEOs
09:41 Danske Bank shares hit six-year high
09:22 Spain unemployment lowest in 2 years
09:05 Euro zone business on solid footing
08:53 TomTom raises 2014 outlook