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Firms urged to toughen up IT security

Tuesday, December 10 15:38:12

Top IT security leaders have urged businesses to update inflexible and outdated security processes to help them stop sophisticated new attacks that can cripple systems.

That's according to EMC, the US multinational that employs 3,000 people in Ireland who added that the threat to all businesses in Ireland and around the world is mounting.

Gerry Murray, EMC's Country Manager in Ireland, said organisations will need to take more proactive steps to prevent cyber attacks following a new report from the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) - a group of leading security executives from some of the world's largest corporations.

EMC, which owns IT security leader RSA, is a member of the SBIC.

"Irish companies need to make IT security a business priority to combat new advanced cyber security risks and increased collaboration across all teams within a business is emerging as a clear pathway to protect your business. That means security teams need to work more closely with business units to establish new systems and processes to help identify, evaluate and track cyber risks faster and with greater accuracy. It means looking at cyber security risks in hard-hitting numbers to establish the bottom line impact on the business and incorporating these in the security strategy. This will encourage businesses to make IT security a priority," said Mr Murray.

"There is also a need to develop the skills and tools that allow everyone in the company to identify danger and take more responsibility for security," he added.

His comments come as RSA released a new SBIC report based on the real-world experiences of 19 top information security leaders from corporations including: EMC, ABN Amro, eBay and FedEx.

The report reveals how stronger collaboration between various units within the business and security teams can become a new source of competitive advantage.

"For the enterprise to successfully innovate in today's digital world, security teams must re-evaluate cyber risk management efforts, steering away from reactive, perimeter-based approaches that are inflexible and focus instead on proactive collaboration with the business," said Art Coviello, RSA's Executive Chairman.