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Firms happier with Govt performance

Friday, December 13 12:33:33

Owners and managers of Ireland's small and medium sized firms are happier with the Government's performance - especially as the Troika depart - but those businesses dependant upon the domestic economy are far from pleased.

That's according to the latest Government Satisfaction ratings survey from ISME, which gave a fourth quarter combined satisfaction rating of minus 30 - the best to date and an improvement from the minus 42 in Q3.

While overall the survey shows an improvement, the dissatisfaction with the government's performance in the areas of business costs, banking and jobs points to a need for more focussed government interventions.

Commenting on the survey, ISME CEO, Mark Fielding stated, "Unsurprisingly, the highest dissatisfaction ratings come from the Retail trade which has been decimated in the last five years with few signs of an imminent pick-up and the smaller shops in dire straits".

"An improvement in all five indicators shows how SMEs rate the government in the final month of 2013, with the highest dissatisfaction being shown for the government's handling of the business costs. The fact that the 'official bailout' period finishes this weekend is the cause of a positive turnaround of 23 points, giving a score of plus 7 on how the government is dealing with the Troika".