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Health insurer targets cancer cover

Monday, December 16 11:42:49

An Irish broker network has partnered with AIG Europe offering health cover for cancer, targeting the hundreds of thousands of Irish people who have ditched their private health insurance policies since the current crisis began.

Dolmen Insurance Brokers are offering a Cancer Cover Plan regardless of family medical history and no medical examination is required with monthly premiums that start at E3.50.

The cancer cover plan gives you some cover at an affordable price rather than having no health insurance at all, explained Ronnie Smith of Dolmen, who also cautioned that it is not a substitute for full health cover.

"I feel this plan will appeal to people who are in negative equity and are really struggling to keep their heads above water. They may already have dropped or are considering dropping their health cover. Cancer is a dreaded disease with upwards of 80 people a day being diagnosed. 29,775 people were diagnosed in 2009, 15,364 men and 14,441 women" (Source - Irish Cancer Society Website) The plan pays up to E64,000. On diagnosis, there is an immediate cash payment, followed by income payments for 12 months, with additional payments after surgery and during hospitalisation. All payments are tax free," he said.