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Irish firms best in EU for Social Media

Monday, December 16 16:31:24

Ireland comes out tops in the EU in terms of how firms take advantage of social media with 20pc of enterprises here adopting a formal policy for its use.

This is the highest in the EU, and is followed by the Netherlands (18pc), Cyprus (17pc) and Denmark (16pc). In nineteen Member States, the share was below 10pc, according to a new report from Eurostat, the EU statistics agency.

The same study also found that 48pc of Irish companies use social media, this is third in the EU with the highest rates in Malta (50pc) and the Netherlands (48pc).

Three quarters of Irish companies have websites, above the EU average of 73pc while 92pc of Danish companies have websites, compared to 42pc in Romania.

In 2013, almost three quarters of enterprises1 employing 10 persons or more in the EU28 had a website, an increase of 6 percentage points compared with 2010 (73pc compared with 67pc). For more than a decade there has been a shift in the content of enterprise websites from static webpages towards web applications, which include functionalities such as online ordering and links to social media. In particular, the use of social media enables enterprises to improve their image and internet presence. In the EU28,30pc of enterprises used at least one type of social media in 2013, although only 8pc of enterprises had a formal policy for social media use.

Looking at specific types of social media, 28pc of enterprises in the EU28 used social networks (e.g. Facebook2) in 2013, 11pc multi-media content sharing websites (e.g. YouTube2), 10pc blogs or micro blogs (e.g. Twitter) and 6pc wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools.

These data come from a report published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, and form part of the results of a survey conducted at the beginning of 2013 on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) usage and e-commerce in enterprises in the EU28 Member States, Iceland, Norway and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with a special focus on social media use by enterprises.

The proportion of enterprises with a website differed among Member States, with the largest shares recorded in Finland (94pc of enterprises with at least 10 persons employed), Denmark (92pc), Sweden (89pc), Austria (86pc), Germany and the Netherlands (both 84pc), and the smallest in Romania (42pc), Bulgaria (47pc), Latvia (56pc), Portugal (59pc), Greece and Hungary (both 61pc).

The highest proportions of enterprises having a formal policy for using social media for their business were observed in Ireland (20pc), the Netherlands (18pc), Cyprus (17pc) and Denmark (16pc). In nineteen Member States, the share was below 10pc.

Among the different types of social media, the highest shares of enterprises using social networks were registered in Malta (52pc of enterprises with at least 10 persons employed), Ireland (46pc), the Netherlands (45pc), Sweden (42pc) and the United Kingdom (40pc), and the lowest in Latvia (13pc), the Czech Republic (15pc), Poland (16pc), France and Romania (both 17pc).

For multimedia content-sharing websites the largest proportions were observed in the Netherlands (23pc), Malta (20pc), Belgium, Greece, Lithuania and Sweden (all 16pc). Seven Member States had shares of below 10pc.

For the use of blogs or micro blogs, the Netherlands (27pc) also came top, followed by the United Kingdom (23pc) and Ireland (20pc), while nineteen Member States had shares below 10pc.

For wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools, Lithuania (14pc) had the highest proportion, followed by Croatia (13pc), Germany and Malta (both 11pc) and Austria (10pc). The remaining twenty-three Member States had shares of below 10pc.