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For Irish staff, Xmas starts this Friday

Wednesday, December 18 12:07:52

Over three quarters of Irish workers (76pc) will stop work for Christmas at 4:00pm this Friday, according to the latest research released by the employment law consultancy Peninsula Ireland.

Additionally, 86pc of bosses are allowing staff to ditch the suit in order to wear their own clothes this Friday.

Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland said today, "Bosses need to crack the whip for a few more days, without sounding like Scrooge; Christmas doesn't begin until next week. Festive celebrations are premature when we still have a few more working days left."

"If employees have booked Christmas leave then that is fine but other companies will continue to work hard and there is still more work to be done. What if your clients had emergencies whilst they were still open next week and needed to contact you? That would look like you are providing a part time service. Of course I can see why employees like to take their foot of the gas, the Christmas decorations are put up, the merry music begins to play and the festivities commence, however we have to remember its business as usual, and for many companies this should be the case right up until the last day of work."

"Managers should gently inform workers to keep up the effort for a few more days, allowing dress down days is fine and helps to keep the atmosphere jovial but all workers need to be made aware that they have responsibilities. Also, you need to consider those people who may not celebrate Christmas, for them the run up to December 25th will be like any other, so you need to be considerate to such employees," Mr Price said