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82pc of homes now have Internet access

Friday, December 20 11:17:52

The latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) household survey from the CSO today found that 82pc of households have access to the internet at home.

It also found that 78pc of individuals used the internet in the last 3 months while 61pc of individuals used the internet every day in the last three months.

The most popular activities of individuals who accessed the internet in the last three months were email (67pc of individuals), Finding information about goods or services (61pc), Social networking (48pc) and Using services related to travel or travel related accommodation (45pc).

Other travel arrangements (28pc), Holiday accommodation (26pc) and Tickets for events (26pc) were the most popular types of internet purchases in the 12 months prior to Q1 2013.

Turning to businesses, it found that Irish firms' use of social media is above the EU average.

In 2013, 48pc of Irish enterprises employing 10 or more persons used some type of social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube compared with an EU-28 average of 30pc. The primary method of using social media as a way of connecting with customers was the use of social networks, with 46pc of enterprises stating they used social networks such as Facebook. In terms of enterprises using social media, Ireland ranked third in the EU-28.

Malta had the largest percentage of enterprises in the EU-28 using social media at 55pc, 42pc of enterprises in the United Kingdom used social media while Latvia had the lowest usage at 15pc.

In Ireland, 36pc of enterprises used social media to develop their image or market products with 15pc using social media to recruit employees. This compares with an EU-28 average of 22pc for developing the enterprise's image and 9pc for the recruitment of employees.

In 2013, 45pc of large enterprises had e-Commerce sales which accounted for 43pc of total sales of large enterprises. 20pc of small enterprises had e-Commerce sales which accounted for 13pc of small enterprises sales. 43pc of medium sized enterprises had e-Commerce sales which accounted for 19pc of total sales of medium sized enterprises.