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'NAMA victim of smear campaign'

Friday, December 20 11:58:31

Frank Daly, NAMA's Chairman, today told the Dail's Public Accounts Committee thaat the agency is the victim of an "organised campaign of disinformation" regarding how it values its portfolio.

"We have spent much time this week considering the material that has been appearing about NAMA. It is obvious that considerable effort has been put into compiling the material and circulating it. It is obvious to any disinterested observer that we are dealing with an organised campaign of disinformation. We then have to ask why is this being organised? It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the objective must be to undermine the effectiveness of NAMA, and, none too subtly influence its decisions." he said.

"On behalf of the Board and on behalf of all the employees at the Agency, I want it to be clearly understood that if this is a campaign designed to undermine us, NAMA will not be intimidated, influenced or distracted by the efforts of whoever may be behind it."

He confirmed that the agency is co-operating with the Gardai regarding allegations that employees leaded sensitive information to third parties.

He said NAMA have referred two complaints about former employees of the Agency to An Garda Siochana pursuant to s.202 of the NAMA Act, which deals with unauthorised disclosure of confidential information.

"We have also referred two complaints under Section 7 of the Act against NAMA debtors to An Garda Siochana for failing to provide accurate Statements of Affairs. All of these matters are currently under active investigation by the Gardai."