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Slight fall in mortgage arrears in Nov

Thursday, January 09 12:38:01

There were 80,854 mortgage accounts in arrears of greater than 90 days compared to 80,487 in August, a drop of 367 accounts, latest figures from the Department of Finance reveal today.

Engagement between consumers and lenders has led to 49,304 permanent mortgage restructures, an increase of 8,068 accounts since the end of August 2013, it said.

Total temporary restructures continue to fall, indicating a move towards a greater utilisation of total permanent restructures which increased in November by 272 accounts.

Total mortgage accounts in arrears past one day has remained relatively unchanged, from 34,237 at end of October to 34,246 at the end of November.

The predominant restructure type for buy-to-let (BTL) arrears is temporary interest only, with 6,554 accounts in this category.

The figures show that 10,316 permanent restructures are in place, an increase of 296 on the previous month.

There was a marginal increase in November in restructures of accounts in arrears greater than 90 days, with 5,528 accounts in this category restructured.