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Irish Water to spend E69m on consultants

Tuesday, January 14 14:31:38

Irish Water's chief executive today said that the final cost for specialist services will be E44.8 million spent with IBM, Accenture E17.2 million, Ernst and Young E4.6 million and KPMG E2.2 million. - a total of E68.8 million.

Under the spotlight for spending E50m on consultants, Irish Water today defended itself, saying it has saved up to E100m in the cost of setting up the new agency.

Irish Water executives told the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht that Bord Gais expertise has shaved close to E100 million from the set up bill for Irish Water. that the set-up costs for a brand new national utility reaching into and serving every home on the public water system were necessarily large, and so it was a priority to manage those costs.

"Between now and 2021, Irish Water will save the Exchequer over E2billion - which is a fraction of the set up costs," said John Tierney, MD of Irish Water. "The set up costs could have hit E250 million. Instead, the bill is E150 million, thanks to the Government decision to set up Irish Water within Bord Gais and give us access to Bord Gais' expertise."