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Ryanair in major management reshuffle

Friday, January 17 14:52:08

Ryanair today completed a series of Senior Management appointments which become effective on 1st February.

The changes come as the airline implements its strategy of improving its industry battered customer service record and staving off competition from the likes of EasyJet.

Michael Hickey, who was previously Director of Engineering, is promoted to Group Director of Operations. David O'Brien who was previously Director of Operations, is promoted to become Chief Commercial Officer. Kenny Jacobs joins Ryanair from Moneysupermarket Plc where he is currently Chief Marketing Officer and becomes Ryanair's new Chief Marketing Officer.

Peter Bellew who was previously Deputy Director of Flight Operations is promoted to become Head of Sales and Marketing. Dara Brady who was previously Deputy Head of Web Development is promoted to become Head of Web Development.

Lesley Kane who was previously Head of Sales and Marketing is promoted to become Ryanair's new Head of Groups and Corporate Sales. Adrian Dunne who was previously Deputy Director of Ground Operations is promoted to become Director of Operations. Derek Quinn who was previously Deputy Director of Engineering is promoted to become Director of Engineering and Carol Sharkey who was previously Deputy Director of Safety is promoted to Director of Safety and Security.

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary said: "These new promotions and positions concludes the first significant Senior Management reorganisation since Ryanair joined the Stock Market in 1997. I believe we have demonstrated the strength of Ryanair's wider management team with a series of internal promotions, both within and across various divisions of the airline, as well as welcoming Kenny Jacobs, who joins us from Moneysupermarket, and will bring a new and fresh impetus to Ryanair's marketing activities over the coming months as we roll out significant customer service improvements, a brilliant new website from April and a fantastic, easy to use mobile app from the end of June."

"The Board and I have every confidence that this new Senior Management team will deliver Ryanair's exciting plans to grow from 80m to over 110m passengers p.a. over the next 5 years and we are particularly excited by our 7 new bases for summer 2014 in Rome Fiumicino, Brussels Zaventem, Palermo, Catania and Lamezia in Southern Italy and Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece."