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Irish firm win international music award

Friday, January 17 16:40:16

WholeWorldBand, the Irish company founded by award-winning music video director and 10cc member Kevin Godley, has won the 'Buma Music Meets Tech' Award at Eurosonic Nooderslag.

Eurosonic is an annual four day festival and conference showcasing the best new artist, bands and music business talent and start ups and takes place in Groningen, in the Netherlands.

Buma, the Dutch music rights organisation judged WholeWorldBand to be the best showcased initiative which has the greatest added value for users, fans or artists.

WorldWorldBand is an audio-visual recording studio in the cloud and a new way for people around the world to make music together and share it with their friends, fellow artists and fans. Creator Kevin Godley presented WholeWorldBand's iPad app, which is free to download from the App Store, at Eurosonic Noorderslag today.

Kevin Godley's vision was to create a system where artists and fans could collaborate together to create new music tracks and video mixes that could be shared and enjoyed worldwide - true 21st century entertainment.

On winning the award, Kevin said "I'm absolutely thrilled that WholeWorld Band has won this prestigious award at Eurosonic. It is an incredible event for the music industry. We have had phenomenal feedback and made some really great European contacts this week which will help make this business a success."

Using the WholeWorldBand app is like entering a virtual recording studio. Users just pick a recording session and play or sing along. Alternatively they can upload their own song (or Seed Track) and let others add to it, becoming a record producer by creating a Video Mix of the recorded tracks with up to six performers. When they've made something great, they can share it with the world on social media.