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Professional salaries 15pc higher in Dub

Thursday, January 30 12:32:16

Professionals in Dublin receive between 8pc and 15pc more than those in identical jobs in other regions, according to the latest Morgan McKinley 2014 Salary and Benefits Guide today.

It found that there is high demand in key sectors such as software development, data analytics, research and development and digital marketing and this demand is driving those salaries higher.

For instance, user experience (UX) consultants salaries doubled in less than three years from E42,000 to E85,000.

Annual Leave averages at 20 to 23 days but those in the accountancy and finance sector receive up to 27 days per annum.

Average bonus for professionals is between 5pc and 10pc but Supply Chain professionals receive up to 50pc for senior professionals.

On average employer pension contributions are 10pc but this increases on average to 15pc in the financial services sector.

Managers receive health insurance fully paid for them and their families while their workers receive employee cover at best, the report found.

Looking at the salary differential between Dublin and the rest of the country, it found that Financial Accountant: enjoy a 17pc salary difference between Dublin and the regions (Waterford and Limerick).

Mortgage Arrears Underwriter (in Financial Services) have an 18pc salary differential between Dublin and Cork while User Experience (UX) Consultants' pay in Dublin is only 5pc higher.

For a Design Engineer, there's an 11pc salary differential between Dublin and Waterford and Limerick with only a 5pc differential between Dublin and Cork.

Speaking at the launch of the 2014 Salary and Benefits Guide, Director of Inward Investment at Morgan McKinley Ireland, Trayc Keevans said that, for many professionals, Ireland has rebounded strongly.

"As the demand for top talent remains competitive, we have seen an increase in the number of employers seeking to benchmark their benefits offering to ensure it is competitive in attracting and retaining the best professional talent. In response to this, we chose to include an overview of benefits offered for management and non-management professionals in this year's Salary Guide. "The analysis shows that the life sciences and financial services employers continue to offer the most attractive total benefits offering to professionals. Interestingly, the Salary and Benefits Guide found that, for some professions, there was a large salary differential based on location."

"The guide looked at ranges in Dublin and across three regional locations: Cork, Limerick and Waterford. It found that professional salaries in Dublin are, on average, between 8pc and 15pc higher than in the regions. However, the degree of difference in pay is significantly less across the most in demand positions such as software development, engineering, supply chain and human resources," added Keevans.