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E85m spent on energy retro-fits in 13

Thursday, January 30 14:28:13

Last year saw the Better Energy programme spend E85m last year with 250,000 homes upgraded and the number of homes with a Building Energy Rating (BER) reached 420,000, according to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

It said that the programme achievements for 2013 helped maintain 3,000 jobs.

Making the announcement, Dr Brian Motherway, SEAI CEO said that he believes that energy efficiency has become a widely understood issue that many people have embraced.

"The sustainable energy sector is vibrant and fast moving. Last year we helped Irish businesses find E43m in energy cost savings. We also saw over 26,000 homes upgraded, which means that as of now one in seven of all Irish homes have been upgraded to reduce their energy bills. We're also seeing this replicated across the public sector. SEAI's work with public bodies has already saved the exchequer E40 million through energy efficiency."

"With the EU committed to a 40pc reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 we have to maintain momentum in achieving greater energy efficiency and exploiting our uniquely rich renewable energy resources. As widespread debate about energy issues in Ireland continues, it is important we remind ourselves how much economic and social gains have already been achieved through both renewables and energy efficiency," added Dr Motherway.