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Leitrim comes tops in online purchasing

Monday, February 03 10:09:51

County Leitrim is leading the way when it comes to saving money in the home according to Irish Online Store

Trading since 2009 saw online transactions surge 45pc during 2013 and now offer a range of over 300 products which primarily focus on helping customers to counter rising domestic bills. The product range has a large emphasis on Energy Saving and Water Saving Products.

The results are based on the total number of transactions completed through the web site during 2013 and comparing the number of transactions against the overall population of each county according to the 2011 census figures.

Leitrim with a score of 1.57 (Percentage of overall transactions divided by overall percentage of the population in Republic of Ireland) comes out on top followed by Co Clare with a score of 1.32 and Co Kerry with a score of 1.25.

Whilst 33.4pc of all domestic transactions were delivered to Dublin addresses it was only fourth overall when taking the size of the population into account with a score of 1.21.

When analysing provincial results Munster comes out on top with all counties in the provinces featuring in the top 11 in Ireland. (Clare 2nd, Kerry 3rd, Tipperary 5th, Waterford 7th, Cork 10th and Limerick 11th)

Of the 26 counties in Ireland Longford with a score of 0.38 came out with the lowest score. Cavan and Laois both with a score of 0.44 were joint 24th according to the results.

According to owner Colm Griffin "When looking at the results many factors have to be taken into account not least the niche type of products we sell, access to good broadband and the fact that whilst the results are based on a decent sample size it represents only a very tiny fraction of the overall online orders in Ireland in 2013".