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Ormonde get Spain environmental OK

Monday, February 03 11:03:29

In a major step forward for Irish-based, Spanish-focussed tungsten prospector, Ormonde Mining, the firm said today it has received environmental clearance for its Barruecopardo Tungsten Project in Salamanca.

It has now received formal written notification from the Regional Environmental Department in Castilla y Leon of the granting of the Environmental Impact Declaration (EID), it said.

The EID for the Barruecopardo Project contains a positive finding, stating that the Project as proposed by Saloro is, from an environmental perspective, approved in so far as Saloro complies, inter alia, with the conditions presented in its Environmental Study and Restoration Plan.

This EID is in effect the environmental permit for the Project without which the Mining (Exploitation) Concession cannot be granted by the Director General for Energy and Mines.

Kerr Anderson, Ormonde's Managing Director, said that the granting of the Environmental Impact Declaration is the final step from the regional environmental authorities in their approval process for the development of a tungsten mine at Barruecopardo.

"Receipt of the positive EID paves the way for the Regional Mines Department to be able to issue the Mining Concession for the Project. The accomplishment of this major milestone validates the meticulous approach taken by Ormonde to secure the permitting of the Project, and we are delighted to secure the EID which is a key landmark in the Company's plans to develop one of Europe's largest tungsten mines at Barruecopardo," he said.