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Irish marketers see recovery in action

Monday, February 03 12:27:24

Business is better and the dire state of the economy is no longer the primary headache for Ireland's marketing professionals, according to the Alternatives Market Watch survey 2014 today.

The survey of Ireland's top marketers found that business is better for 72pc of firms compared to 55pc last year.

Meanwhile, customer sentiment improved significantly (60pc feel it's better now compared to just 25pc last year) and 58pc expect trading conditions to improve this year (double the number compared to last year).

Just 29pc believe they will stay the same, the survey also found.

Customer acquisition is again a top strategic priority for 76pc marketers this year and has displaced customer retention, which has been in top spot for previous 3 years. A continued focus on new product development remains.

For the first time in four years, the economy is not the number one issue faced by marketers. Instead marketing budgets, increased competition and people/skills are reported as the top 3 issues for 2014.

"It's official - we can now talk in positive terms about the prospects for business in 2014," according to Sandra Lawler, managing director of Alternatives.

"Our survey has shown significant positive improvement in business and consumer sentiment compared to last year in addition to plans to increase marketing personnel head count with better salary and bonus news for those thinking of a career move. For the first time in four years, the economy is not the biggest issue faced by marketers while knowledge gaps in digital marketing and a continuing shortage of great talent are a cause of concern. What remains constant though is the absolute priority given to customers although there are some changes here too with acquisition (rather than retention) being to the fore again," she added.