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Irish indie horror movie 22 in ad boost

Monday, February 03 12:33:09

Excited Irish horror movie buffs believed they were in line for an international exclusive - the global premiere of '22', a new spine-tingling movie that centred on young people disappearing for no apparent reason.

However, it was revealed earlier that the trailer for the edgy indie thriller was in fact a tease for a new advertising campaign for 48, the mobile network aimed at 18 - 22 year olds.

'22' was directed by Milan da Silva and legendary director of photography, Antonio Riesta, who is renowned for his work on Frida and Mama. A fictitious production company, One Eight Productions, was also established to add some further authenticity.

Aoife McGuigan, Brand Marketing Manager at 48 was delighted with the final cut: "We knew when we were filming in Prague with Brando, our lead creative agency, that we would end up with a really slick piece of film, but we have been blown away by the response. '22' has now been viewed over 350,000 times online and we've already seen the highest traffic to our website ever."

22 follows several characters as their stories interweave during the best time of their lives: three friends InterRailing through Europe; a young couple in love about to run away with one and another; college classmates on an adventure weekend; and band mates about to play the gig of their life. But as the story unfolds they learn that there is a darkness coming and that to escape it might be impossible - what is done cannot be undone.

"We played particular emphasis on the casting of the trailer as we really wanted to get that edgy horror feel that the creative deserved," Aoife added, "To help build interest and suspense in '22', we also created fake posters, fake movie reviews and an entire digital sweep including a website to host all content and competitions, and a Facebook page and YouTube channel were established to fed people's curiosity."

The edge of the seat trailer for '22' captured the attention of audiences around Ireland, where horror fanatics took to their digital devices to find out more about the new movie.

The TV3 programme 'Uploaded' also fell victim to the joshing. 48 flew over the lead actress Olga Bursikova and fake director Mario Dimitri for an interview with presenter Gordan Hayden.

After creating such a buzz around the movie, it was time for 48 to reveal the purpose and truth around the stunt. At the reveal, 48 unveiled its new campaign message 'Play while you can' by replacing all "22" media with details of its offer. The movie trailer was now used as an ad, on takeovers. 48 used the power of film in an original way to drive maximum awareness to their brand.

Advertising agency Brando came up with the concept and developed the creative, while MediaVest handled media planning and buying for the campaign. This digital and out of home campaign is part of a significant Irish marketing investment for 48. During 2014, the brand will be seen across many mediums including outdoor advertising, PR, digital, social media and TVCs throughout the year.