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Danske clarify which accounts will close

Friday, February 07 11:52:07

A spokesman for Danske Bank today said that the bank is concerned about "inaccurate" reports in some media regarding which accounts will close and when.

He said that the banks phones can barely cope with the volume of calls after what he said were "inaccurate reports in today's Irish Independent regarding the closure of accounts".

As part of its withdrawal from personal banking in Ireland, Danske Bank is closing some customer accounts this weekend.

Danske stressed that this only impacts customers who hold a single standalone product such as a current account or a savings account.

Customers with more than one account are unaffected.

There are 8,000 impacted current account customers in the first tranche, the spokesman said.

Of this 6,000 have had no transactions in the past month and are considered inactive. Of the remaining 2,000 accounts, these have had some transactions in the past month.

For accounts that close this weekend, if a debit or ATM card exists on the account it will remain operational until Monday.

Beyond that date, customers can withdraw their funds by contacting the Bank who will issue a bank draft or facilitate the transfer of funds to another Bank as and when requested by the customer.

Customers in this phase who only hold a credit card with Danske have until 7th March to move to another provider.

Customers holding multiple products e.g. a current account, a savings account or a credit card were written to on 21st December. Customers with both current accounts and savings accounts have until 21st February to close or switch their accounts. Customers with credit cards in this phase have until 21st March to move to another provider, the bank said.

"Customers with accounts including mortgages or custody accounts have not yet been written to and do not need to take any action until they receive their letter from Danske Bank. These facilities remain fully operational. These customers will receive two months notice of current or savings account closures," Danske's spokesman said.