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SFI announce funds for women in science

Wednesday, February 19 09:54:16

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has opened calls for applications to the Advance Award programme, which aims to enable women to remain or return to a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Commenting on the announcement Mr Sean Sherlock, TD, Minister for Research and Innovation said: "We welcome this new programme and look forward to an increase in the number of female researchers across Ireland's STEM sector. With only 26pc of researchers in the Irish STEM private sector being women, we applaud this initiative and are hopeful that with funding such as this being made available we can look forward to a greater increase of women working in what is one of Ireland's most rapidly growing sectors."

Professor Mark Ferguson, Director General of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Irish Government added: "SFI are committed to supporting and enabling excellent scientific research that has potential economic and societal impact in Ireland. For this reason, it is crucial that the STEM sector has programmes such as the Advance Award that incentivise diversity and gender-balance within the Irish private and public research system. We anticipate that this programme will help improve women researchers' employability in the industrial STEM sector in Ireland and abroad."

"This programme will allow women researchers to immediately avail of established infrastructures and existent industry partnerships and collaborations - as well as offering assistance to move into a non-academic career path in the STEM sector. The successful applicants will certainly add to the expertise and capacity needed in the sector in Ireland as we begin to coordinate efforts to apply for funding programmes such as the Horizon 2020 framework."