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Roundup-130 new jobs in Tech sector

Friday, February 21 08:27:06

New Relic, a US-based software analytic firm, is locating its EMEA headquarters in Dublin and creating 50 jobs as a result.

In Galway, SEKO MedTec, a Pennsylvania-based logistics firm, is creating another 30 jobs European centre.

Meanwhile, Atlanta-based NeoMed, is also opening an EMEA base in Dublin with the creation of 22 roles and energy consulting firm CapSpire will create 20 new jobs at a base here.

In addition, Paris headquartered internet domain name registry business Starting Dot, is creating 10 jobs here. The Irish Independent


The acquisition of Dublin-based airline Cityjet by Germany's Intro Aviation is likely to be completed within a couple of weeks, Intro's managing director told the Irish Independent. Peter Oncken has also confirmed that the airline, which is headed by chief executive Christine Ourmieres, will continue to be based in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Just before Christmas, Cityjet owner Air France-KLM confirmed it had received a firm offer from Intro for the airline.

The deal was due to close this quarter. Releasing fourth-quarter results, Air France-KLM said Cityjet has been reclassified as a discontinued operation on its books and that the sale of the airline is "ongoing". The Irish Independent


Eircom shares could be free to trade on the so-called "grey market" from late next week. Shares in the phone company are now worth around E600m, up from nothing just months ago.

Banks and investment funds that took control of Eircom following its 2012 examinership will vote next Friday on whether to scrap a so-called "staple" agreement that means anyone buying or selling shares in the private company must also trade a share of the company debt. The Irish Independent