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Irish Havok brings life to Tengami game

Tuesday, February 25 14:56:05

Havok, the Emmy award winning Irish games and entertainment technology company, today said that game developer Nyamyam has licensed Havok Physics, Havok Animation and Havok AI to develop their recently launched iOS game Tengami.

Tengami is an adventure game set within a beautifully paper-crafted pop-up world and uses an art style inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

Nyamyam used Havok's product suite to breathe life into the unique folding world of Tengami.

Phil Tossell, Game Creator of Tengami, says: "We've come to expect only reliable and robust features when working with Havok technology. Each of Havok's technologies has proven to be incredibly valuable to our development team and we are excited to be launching an immersive and visually stunning iOS game."

Nyamyam makes use of a variety of Havok's technology offering to bring motion into the pop-up book world of Tengami. Havok AI is used to control the pathfinding of the character helping bring natural behaviour to the entities within the dynamically changing game world. Havok Animation helped the development team bring seamless motion to the title's distinct art style. Finally, Havok Physics came in to play to help ensure that the entities exhibited the proper collision detection, reacting according to contact with the world and its inhabitants.

David Coghlan, Managing Director of Havok, says: "When we learned the creatively ambitious scope of Tengami, we knew Havok technology was the perfect fit for Nyamyam to produce the quality mobile game they were envisioning. Our dedicated team worked closely with Nyamyam to make sure they were able to get the most out of Havok's technology to bring their creative vision to life."