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ZinMobi gets EI support for world growth

Tuesday, March 04 12:38:37

Irish mobile marketing and messaging platform, ZinMobi, is hoping to follow WhatsApp's footsteps with plans to go global with the support of Enterprise Ireland.

ZinMobi will be one of Enterprise Ireland's high potential start-ups and will receive support from Enterprise Ireland to drive growth, innovation and achieve sales in global markets.

Founder of ZinMobi, Brian Stephenson, said: "The support we'll receive from Enterprise Ireland is just what we need to turn our vision into reality and to expand quickly in other markets while we have a significant technological edge. WhatsApp has shown the world what is possible when you create something that uses mobile phones to deliver immediate value to customers."

ZinMobi has arguably the smartest, yet simplest, process for generating immediate revenue and sustained growth for retail organisations. Its breakthrough mobile marketing and messaging platform has been proven to deliver immediate revenue and profitable growth to clients by using text messages to send special offers and coupons and support loyalty-building programmes.

The intelligence of ZinMobi's offering enables clients to generate revenue automatically once the system is set up correctly - with minimum touch from them. All a customer has to do is agree the trigger points throughout the customer lifecycle at which they want to interject with marketing messages, agree on the offers and the system does the rest - automatically selecting people who fit that profile and sending them a message with a coupon to trigger the desire to buy again. This saves the countless man hours and cost associated with other marketing methods. ZinMobi's approach also ensures full consent management and data protection compliance.

Lisa Vaughan, who is responsible for the High Potential Startup Division in Enterprise Ireland, said: "ZinMobi is a genuinely exciting company that shows exactly how innovative Irish technology companies can be. ZinMobi's breakthrough technology is already delivering outstanding results for Irish businesses and we look forward to helping the company take its products and services to international markets."