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NewsWhip launch people-powered site

Thursday, March 06 14:10:08

Irish start-up, NewsWhip today launch a responsive, "people-powered" website, serving the most shared stories among the 1.5 billion users of Facebook and Twitter.

NewsWhip identifies the news stories with the most social engagements each hour. Since 2013, the Irish start-up has grown to monitor over 30,000 sources, and record over 30 million social interactions with content each day.

Today's launch broadens NewsWhip access to smartphone and tablet users. The site was not previously formatted for those devices.

By highlighting the stories winning attention on social media, without any other filters, NewsWhip bypasses the traditional tastemaking role of editors and news producers.

"Much of the time the stuff we call news is press releases and canned statements." said co-founder and CEO, Paul Quigley. "Ironically, these words will go into a press release," he added.

"Anyway - we think the really interesting stories often got buried in the past. But today, people find those stories and share them on Facebook and Twitter. And then we push them right up onto our front page. We don't care what the editor picks, we care what the people have chosen to engage with."

NewsWhip's CTO and co-founder Andrew Mullaney said that its coverage is now unparalleled in the world of social news monitoring.

"Each day, we add another 250,000 newly published stories to our coverage, from 30,000 sources. Of those, 20pc will get some kind of social traction, and start picking up shares. Those quality signals are important indicators that something is happening, especially when they start to add up our algorithm starts paying attention. By the end of each day, we'll track over 30 million social interactions with content, and we'll have identified the top stories in thousands of niches."