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Irish YouTube-ers not friendless geeks

Wednesday, March 12 14:10:19

Entertainment and Education are the top reasons for using YouTube, a survey of Irish YouTube users has found.

The survey, which is the first comprehensive survey to be undertaken among YouTube users across Ireland, found that while 91pc use YouTube for entertainment, 69pc use it to learn / keep up to date while 53pc use it for social purposes or sharing with friends.

The most popular videos watched in Ireland are music videos (67pc), comedy (52pc) and 'How-to / DIY" (42pc).

An interesting profile of YouTube users emerges in the research. Irish users of the popular site do not match the stereotypical profile of internet users who are often portrayed as anti-social and tied to their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Indeed they are twice as likely to go to the cinema; nearly three times more likely to attend live events and 1.3 times more likely to dine out in restaurants than non-users of the site.

YouTube is popular with older internet users - 44pc of users are aged 35 or over and is equally popular with men and women. 40pc of those surveyed visit the site daily while 77pc visit the site weekly.

Presenting the results of the survey at DMX Dublin today, Ruth McEntee, YouTube Industry Manager, Google Ireland said; "Irish YouTube users are more digitally active consumers than non-users of the site. They are nearly three times more likely to buy / download digital music, movies or books; three times more likely to buy electronics, gadgets or other devices and are nearly twice more likely to buy apps for their smartphone or tablet."

These digitally active consumers are also opinion leaders, they are twice more likely to be the first to try new products, almost twice as likely to rate products services or restaurants online, and 1.2 times more likely to tell others about brands they love.

Users actively share content, 63pc of Irish YouTube users talk about what they saw on YouTube with their peers and 46pc post a comment or review on a blog, forum or message board. The study was conducted in 29 markets across the globe and the figures show that Irish users are at least 20pc more likely to share links or talk about what they've seen on YouTube with their friends than their UK counterparts.

Advertising on YouTube is effective with 52pc of respondents taking action after they have seen an ad, such as looking for more information, visiting the website of the business or making a purchase. The research was conducted on behalf of Google by Ipsos Media who surveyed over 1,000 internet users across Ireland.