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4k Canada visas snapped up in 10 mins

Friday, March 14 12:24:30

The first 4,000 Canadian IEC Working Holiday visas were snapped up within just ten minutes this morning by Irish soon-to-be emigrants.

According to one such hopeful: "I got visa number 301 and that was at 8.02. Within ten minutes the Canadian visa website indicated that the 4,000 visas had been snapped up."

According to Brielle Hewitt of Canada Expo, "We expected massive interest and are delighted that the Canadian Government decided to release the visas in two waives . meaning everyone gets a chance. Remember there are visas allocated for those who get jobs at the WorkingAbroad Canada Expo." Calgary, Canada's most prosperous city and voted fifth top city in the world to live and work - is to return to Dublin to recruit more Irish talent at the Canada Expo taking in Dublin Saturday, 22, Sunday 23 and Cork on Wednesday 26 March.

Economic forecasts indicate that Alberta has a labour deficit of up to 96,000 workers to the year 2023 in order to sustain its healthy economy according to the recent Alberta Demand and Supply outlook.

Following the commitment by the Federal Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney in October 2012 to increase in Ireland's International Experience Canada (IEC) visa allocation to 10,000 for 18 to 35 year olds, many Irish people planning new lives are awaiting eagerly to snap them up. This week, Canada's federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration announced the allocation of 10,700 IEC visas including 2,500 for the Young Professional category and 500 for International Co-ops. The first round applications will open on March 13, 2014.

Many factors work to attract workers over other Canadian cities including the fact that Calgary has a strong long term economic outlook; the city offers the highest salary per employee in Canada; one of the lowest tax rates in Canada and offers an appealing outdoors lifestyle all making this emerging city a very attractive option.

Forming part of the Calgary delegation is oil and gas giant Cenovus, Tarpon Energy, McElhanney, Pronghorn Controls and Crude Energy, as well as a representative from the Government of Alberta, while Calgary Economic Development will a number of other Calgary companies. Tarpon now employs 80 Irish, many of whom have emigrated along with their families - Of these, 2 employees have secured permanent residency and 15 have applied. With 17pc of Irish emigrants having worked in construction, or construction related industries, the Irish skill set very much meets Calgary's busy oil and gas industry requirements.