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Airbnb to create 100 new Dublin jobs

Friday, April 04 10:33:15

Online US community-based tourist accommodation group, Airbnb, plans to increase its presence in Ireland with the creation of 100 new jobs, doubling its current workforce to 200 employees by year-end.

Positions currently recruiting for are in its customer experience and hospitality teams based in Ringsend, Dublin.

Welcoming today's announcement, Barry O'Leary, CEO IDA Ireland, "Today's expansion by Airbnb in Dublin adds to Ireland's reputation as the premier location for fast growing innovative companies." "In the past five years, AirBNB has become a huge force in global travel."

"AirBNB is one of the biggest success stories of the emerging 'shared economy' - which meets the needs of a new generation of consumers - by bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the global travel marketplace."

Bono who recently met with the Company at an IDA event in Davos earlier this year said; "We of course measure the recovery by jobs, that's all that matters --- that our best and brightest do not have to leave to get work. So Airbnb's arrival in Dublin Docks is very good news. The IDA's encouragement of Airbnb moving to the docks was paramount in Brian Chesky's decision to move there, so congratulations to them. Brian and Airbnb are a force to be reckoned with, and tech companies like these are training grounds for a smart and savvy workforce like ours".