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IHF against mandatory calorie labels

Wednesday, April 09 14:20:59

The Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) today warned against any attempt to introduce mandatory labelling of calories on menus in hotels and guesthouses.

Following the launch of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland's online calorie calculator tool this morning, Stephen McNally, President of the IHF said that, while the tool would be of benefit to certain food service establishments, the calories-on-menus scheme must remain voluntary for hotels and guesthouses.

Mr McNally said the potential introduction of an indiscriminate 'one size fits all' approach to mandatory calorie labelling would be entirely inappropriate for hotels and guesthouses because many of these establishments' menus change on a daily basis to reflect the use of locally sourced produce and seasonally available ingredients.

He said: "Such a system would be unworkable for many of our members and would stifle creativity in food businesses that are not part of the underlying health issue."