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Mandate Boots workers vote for pay rise

Friday, April 11 14:43:16

Mandate Trade Union members in Boots Ireland today voted in favour of a 4pc pay increase at the company.

The employees will receive the equivalent of 2pc backdated to June 2013, with a further 2pc due in June 2014.

The trade union described today's decision as a successful outcome for the workers.

Brendan O'Hanlon, Mandate Divisional Organiser said: "This will allow our members and their families to have a better living standard which is vital in these tough economic times."

Mandate's General Secretary and President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions John Douglas said: "Irish workers, particularly those in the retail sector, badly need a pay increase. The trade union movement is key to winning those pay increases but what's also needed is for more employers like Boots to realise the economic and social benefits of workers having more income in their back pockets."

In a statement, Boots Ireland said it was pleased that "following extensive discussions with Mandate Trade Union, colleagues have voted to accept a pay proposal which includes a 2pc pay rise for 2014 for colleagues on the existing pay-scale and a 2pc lump-sum payment to colleagues who remain on an old pre-2009 pay-scale".

"This agreement allows Boots Ireland to remain true to the company's commitment of aligning pay-scales over a period of time, whilst at the same time recognising the valuable contribution made by employees."