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'Stability' focus at Finance Committee

Monday, April 14 14:19:59

The forthcoming Stability Programme Update will be the focus of the Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform when it meets with the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan tomorrow.

Committee Chairman Ciaran Lynch said: "The Update of Ireland's Stability Programme should take account of the last Budget and other Government initiatives, along with the EU/IMF Programme of Financial Support and include an update of the economic and fiscal outlook over the short and medium term."

"While the features of the Stability Programme Update are complex, the desired benefits of it are that it will provide clarity on actions to be undertaken towards achieving recovery and sustainable growth in areas such as employment, research, innovation, energy or social inclusion. This is the first programme published since the departure of the Troika and tomorrow's meeting provides an opportunity for Committee Members to consider the programme update, engage with the Minister and raise any issues they may have."

The document is being submitted to the European Commission in accordance with the requirements under the European Semester, the process by which EU and the Eurozone coordinate their budgetary and economic policies, Lynch added.

This meeting will start at 7pm tomorrow in Committee Room 3, Leinster House 2000.