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Call for Garda probe in to Patrick Neary

Wednesday, April 30 17:38:55

TD Lucinda Creighton has called on the Gardai to investigate Patrick Neary and Financial Regulator Board Members.

She said the investigation should look in to whether they aided and abetted illegal loans by Anglo Irish Bank.

"A jury of 12 men and women found two former Anglo bankers guilty of illegal lending. Judge Nolan in sentencing the men said that the Financial Regulator had led them into error and illegality. It is a criminal offence under section 7 of the Criminal Law Act for someone who aids, abets, counsels or procures the commission of an indictable offence."

"The jury have found the Anglo Bankers guilty of committing an indictable offence and the Judge refused to impose custodial sentences on the two as a result of the Financial Regulator's office leading them into committing the crime."

"At the very least, the jury's findings of guilt and the Judge's statement during sentencing should be enough for the Gardai to investigate Patrick Neary and all other board members or executives in the Financial Regulators office and the Central Bank at the time of the crime being committed, the TD said.

"A banking inquiry is welcome, but it cannot charge people with crimes or even make findings of fact. While 6 years was a long time before the Anglo Trial was heard, the system works and its quite clear that the jury system for complex white collar crime also works. Justice cannot be delivered through an Oireacthas inquiry, but it can be done through our court system and the Gardai should not be found wanting in that regard."