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Start-up target secure cloud accounting

Friday, May 02 15:58:18

A new Irish business embracing cloud technology for the provision of account software services was launched this week.

Cork-based launched a secure online accounting software system using cloud based technology that manages accounts in a simple, fast and effective manner while keeping operating costs down by making the facility "unlimited".

Mark Hegarty Managing Director and founder said that his SaaS (Software as a service) and other cloud computing platforms transform information technology into a low operating cost rather than an expensive capital investment.

This has significant implications for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) across the Irish economy in terms of positive growth, one of the major benefits being that it will assist SMEs to get paid on time, he said.

He said that what makes stand out is that it provides SMEs, contractors, accountants, and entrepreneurs with simplified and highly secure online accounting software with unlimited users, data and invoices, free support and auto-backup, across all platforms.

"When business owners and managers see the advantages of cloud computing over more traditional server side and desktop software there is defiantly an interest. We have spoken to hundreds of business owners in our research and have taken concerns into account like security, flexibility, simplicity, and features. We believe we have a product that can stand up to the competition and offer much more, particularly in the areas of cash flow management and getting paid on time." offers unlimited software for E25 per month with no extra costs to access additional features or upgrades, the fee is standard regardless of number of users or size of business and also offers a free 30 day trial option.

"Cloud based solutions such as, that use McAfee Security-as-a-Service (SaaS,) are purpose built for small to medium business customers. This provide business customers with affordable and robust protection from the world's largest dedicated security vendor and should give them every confidence to move their accounting software online," said Mr Hegarty.