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Conroy finds more gold in Armagh

Thursday, May 08 14:15:09

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources today announced that after an independent structural study on its Clay Lake gold target in Co. Armagh, a follow up trenching programme has shown wide mineralized zones.

Mapping and structural analysis of the trenches was undertaken by independent consultant structural geologist Dr David Coller.

The trenching was carried out to further define the veins, cleavage, bedding, structural orientations and general geological units at surface and to relate these orientations to previous drilling. Four trenches were dug - a total of 666 metres - using a large track mounted excavator. Bedrock was encountered in most of the trenching.

The results demonstrated that, in addition to the wide mineralized zones intersected in drilling at depth, mineralization occurs in subcrop at the base of till near surface. Wide sheared and mineralized black shale was present in three of the trenches with a regional East Northeast strike trend. Mineralized black shale in this area tends to be associated with the presence of gold. Correlation of the trench data with drilling data indicates that the central part of the system is steep dipping to the North and may have significant depth extent which is as yet untested.

The new geological information further reinforces the view that the Clay Lake gold target may have the potential for high tonnage and overall gold content, Conroy said. "I am delighted with these results which lend further credence to the view that the Clay Lake gold target has the potential for high tonnage and overall gold content," said Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman.