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45pc rise in new cars licensed in April

Friday, May 09 12:17:12

The number of new private cars licensed for the first time increased by 44.9pc to 11,757 in April 2014 compared to April 2013, latest CSO figures reveal.

Used (imported) private cars licensed for the first time were up 8.8pc to 4,783 for the same period.

In total, there were 51,123 new private cars licensed in the year to the end of April 2014, a rise of 30.7pc compared to the same period in 2013. The corresponding figure for 2014 in respect of used (imported) private cars was 18,154 and this was up 21.8pc from 2013.

The number of new goods vehicles licensed in April 2014 was 1,502, up 33.0pc from April 2013.

The total number of all new vehicles licensed during April 2014 was 14,178 compared with 10,057 during the same month in 2013 - an increase of 41.0pc.

In April 2014, of the 11,757 new private cars licensed, 2,908 (24.7pc) were petrol and 8,725 (74.2pc) were diesel.

The highest number of new private cars licensed in April 2014, classified by make, was Volkswagen (1,542) followed by Nissan (1,183), Toyota (1,051) and Ford (958).

In April 2014, the total number of all vehicles licensed was 20,593 compared with 15,567 in the corresponding month last year - an increase of 32.3pc.

The licensing figures refer to vehicles taxed for road use only and classified by taxation class.

Licensing differs from registration in that a vehicle is licensed when a valid motor tax disc is issued for the first time. Registration occurs when a vehicle gets its licence plate (registration number) for the first time.