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Study shows IT vacancies hard to fill

Friday, May 23 10:59:25

The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has published its fourth Vacancy Overview report, which shows that many firms are finding it hard to recruit key IT staff.

It outlines the areas where job vacancies arose during 2013 and the continued demand for IT professionals was evident throughout the report.

The Recruitment Agency Survey also found an increased number of difficult to fill mentions for IT posts along with professional occupations in areas such as engineering, science, health and business; job announcements in the media were mostly for IT professionals and sales related occupations, followed by operative and associate professional positions.

Vacancies in construction are also beginning to appear following several years of low demand, it found.

While the vacancies represent some expansion in employment, many vacancies are occurring primarily due to a high level of turnover.

This is particularly the case for occupations in caring and sales where there is a high frequency of vacancies but no signs of employment growth.

Based on an analysis from two sources, DSP Jobs Ireland (representing all vacancies advertised through the public employment service) and (a private recruitment agency), the index of job vacancy notifications shows that the volume of notifications of job vacancies to has been increasing while vacancies advertised through DSP Jobs Ireland have remained constant.