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Revenue seize khat leaves in Limerick

Tuesday, June 03 17:15:13

In three separate operations in Limerick and Dublin today, Revenue seized khat, cigarettes and tobacco with a total value of approximately E50,000.

Khat comes from a leafy green plant and is a stimulant with effects similar to that of amphetamine when chewed. It is especially associated with Ethiopia and Somalia.

Following a controlled delivery to a private residence in Limerick city today, Revenue seized 18kg of khat with an estimated street value of E36,000 as part of a joint operation with An Garda Siochana. Two non-Irish nationals were arrested and taken to Henry Street Garda Station. Investigations are ongoing.

In two separate intelligence-led operations in Dublin this morning, officers from Revenue's Customs Service seized approximately 20,000 cigarettes and 10kgs of tobacco with an approximate retail value of E14,000 and potential loss to the Exchequer of E12,000. The 'Dorchester', 'Golden Eagle', 'Mayfair', 'Palace', 'Excellence' and 'Samson' brand tobacco products were seized from private dwellings in the North Inner City. Investigations are continuing with a view to prosecution.