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SMEs should keep pace with Web giants

Monday, June 09 14:40:26

Irish SMEs and the Public Sector need to keep pace with Internet giants, the first ever IT Architects Conference in Dublin will hear this Friday.

Run by Iasa Ireland, and sponsored by the Irish Computer Society and Oracle, the conference will bring together CIOs, IT Managers and IT Architects to discuss and debate emerging trends, tools, experiences and issues facing the IT architecture profession today.

The conference features expert speakers from both Ireland and abroad. Topics include 'Energy as an Architectural concern', 'the Future of the IT Department' as well as a Masterclass in Agile software and an IT Architecture intensive Masterclass.

Michael Callan, President of Iasa Ireland said, "Today's technology changes on a daily basis. It is imperative that our IT leaders are riding the wave and have the support and knowledge necessary to deal with these changes. Iasa Global has internationally recognised standards regarding IT. As the Irish newly established Irish branch of Iasa, we are looking forward to bringing these proven methods to the Irish workplace."

Jim Friars, CEO of the Irish Computer Society said "Amazon, Google, Facebook and other large cloud services are re-defining the way in which IT Services can be delivered. IT architectural scale and capability has changed dramatically and with it the speed and agility with which the public and private sector must learn to respond. It is incredibly important for Ireland to keep pace with these changes and have a workforce which can lead in this innovation, especially given so many of these large scale companies are based here."

He continued "The Irish Computer Society is delighted to support this conference. The continual progression of IT in Ireland is a key objective of the Irish Computer Society and we feel that many Irish IT leaders have yet to tap into the benefits of exploring IT Architecture."