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Mobile threat from bogus apps

Tuesday, June 10 12:55:06

Security experts are warning that it is only a matter of time before bogus apps, which demand a ransom from Android mobile devises, are likely to become much more common and present a major security threat.

The experts warn that the malware Android/Simpleocker user is ready for mass release to smart phones and devices.

In ESETís Threat Trends Report predictions for this year, ESET experts warned of an escalating increase in serious threats targeting Android phones and tablets. ESET detections of such malware increased more than 60pc between 2012 and 2013, which is a trend predicted to continue in 2014.

The experts say that most of these threats can be avoided, and ESET Ireland is encouraging users to protect against these threats by using prevention and defensive measures, and adhering to security best practices, such as keeping away from untrustworthy apps and app sources. ESET recommends installing all apps from known app stores only, if possible.

It warns that third-party stores, particularly those offering big-name apps for free are generally infested with malware, and apps downloaded from them carry a high risk of infection. They also recommend ensuring security systems are kept up to date and point out that older phones are at higher risk.