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Dublin event on future of EU

Friday, June 13 12:30:17

A call was made for the 'creative destruction' of EU institutions, at a conference in Dublin this week.

"The institutions and governance structure in Europe needs radical overhaul,” the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference heard today.

Professor Stefan Schepers Director of the EPPA said the worrying trend in recent EU elections was "not the way people voted but rather that 60pc did not vote”. He spoke of the "systematic disconnect of EU Institutions from the reality of lives of citizens”. The Open Innovation 2.0 conference was held in the Convention Centre Dublin and was attended by 300 international innovation experts.

"The current system of governance in Europe and in the member states was borne out of the industrial revolution and not capable of handling the complexity of a digital world,” noted Prof. Schepers. "The Lisbon Treaty is no more than a reshuffling of powers between the EU Institutions and National Governments. Innovative thinking is needed to redesign how Europe works and to recreate a systemic connection to the real needs and concerns of citizens. I'm arguing for a new vision for European Institutions that would creatively restructure them around common ground for business, public authorities and citizens."

He said there were three challenges for the EU. "Europe needs to rediscover democratic legitimacy and create shared decision making and accountability using the tools of ICT as enablers, it needs to manage through an evidence-based research programme the dilemma of matching pressures around economic competitiveness and ecological resilience and it needs to restructure the institutions and systems of governance through Open Innovation 2.0."

Dublin's Digital Masterplan was cited as a good example of a balanced approach to using technologies in cities. Mark Kleinman suggested that increasingly cities needed to work together to find solutions to common problems.

Dublin's Deputy Lord Mayor Larry O'Toole in his closing address said: "Technology is great but only if it serves the needs of human beings. We have real and serious challenges in our cities and our world. We need to tackle isolation, homelessness, the creation of jobs, health and the environment. Innovation and innovators can find solutions that solve these challenges and improve lives. That is your challenge. Make things happen that change lives and society. My message is simple, innovate with purpose. Innovate with values. Innovate for people."