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Dispute at Irish Marks and Sparks ends

Friday, June 13 14:33:27

Mandate Trade Union members in Marks and Spencer have today voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new set of proposals, which puts an end to a protracted dispute at the company.

The workers voted by a margin of 82pc in favour of the proposals which are "a significant improvement on the original proposals put forward by the company last year", according to Mandate Assistant General Secretary, Gerry Light.

"Not only does this agreement improve the situation for our members in terms of the original set of proposals put forward by management, it is also an improvement on the Labour Court recommendation issued in March of this year," he said.

The dispute between Marks and Spencer workers and their employer began when the company sought cost cutting measures.

Mandate members rejected the original proposals out of hand resulting in a one day national strike at the company last December. They also emphatically rejected the Labour Court Recommendation issued in March of this year.

Mr Light said, "This once again shows how pragmatic our members can be when facing an unsavoury situation. They were put in a very difficult position but through their unity they have managed to secure a much more satisfactory offer."