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Ibec voices concern about lobbying Bill

Friday, June 20 16:43:34

Concerns have been expressed about excessive administration and regulation that could be involved for businesses in complying with proposed new legislation on lobbying.

Ibec, which represents business, said it welcomed the publication of the Registration of Lobbying Bill 2014 but said it remained "concerned that a new register would involve an excessive administrative and regulatory burden".

"It is vital that the detailed concerns of those engaging with government day-to-day are taken on board."

Ibec Head of Policy Fergal O'Brien said: "Open, routine and robust communication between government, business and other stakeholders is a fundamental necessity in sustaining both an enterprise friendly environment and an open, vibrant democracy.

"Fair and transparent access by all relevant stakeholders to Government and policy makers is required to ensure a balanced debate. It is crucial that the proposed system does not, however, place an excessive and unnecessary burden on business. It needs to be simple, flexible and easy to use.

"The Government must continue to work with stakeholders to ensure that the implementation of the detailed provisions are workable. It must ensure that there is a level playing field for all groups involved in regular engagement with Government."