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Irish app to change chat up, going out

Tuesday, June 24 15:59:19

A new app developed by Cork entrepreneurs claims it will change the way people chat each other up, socialise and pay for nights out.

Venoo, the world's first ever nightlife social networking and cashless payments app, which has been designed, developed and launch tested exclusively in Cork, will combine social interaction in pubs and clubs with payments for food and drinks at discounted prices.

Anchored by Corkman James O'Keeffe, Venoo is initially being rolled out in Rearden's Bar, Havana Browns and the Secret Garden in Cork City, where it will allow all users to purchase any drinks and food with a 15pc discount.

The Frisky Irish Whiskey Bar on Oliver Plunkett Street will also accept Venoo as a means of payment.

With Venoo, customers simply top up their account with their debit or credit card with the security of Stripe, and then use the app to buy drinks and food, eliminating the need to carry cash and speeding up the ordering process. Customers can select the exact items they want from the bar on the app, and show the list to the bar staff who will then redeem the items.

As a localised social network within a safe venue, customers can also use the app to browse other Venoo users in the vicinity - add them as a buddy, send them a "wink” or buy them a drink through the app.

They can also accept or reject drinks that other people want to buy for them, and chat to people through private messaging and public message boards. Venoo uses a person's Facebook profile picture and age but will never post on Facebook on a person's behalf.

According to James O'Keeffe, Director of Venoo: "Venoo could really revolutionise the dating scene in Ireland. Online dating and dating apps such as Tinder have really taken off in recent years, but Venoo is different in that you will be in the same building as the person you are meeting through the app. With online dating, you might meet someone you like and have to arrange a time and place before meeting them in person, whereas with Venoo, you can meet them in person within five minutes of meeting them through the app."

"It is a fantastic, fun and very safe way to approach someone new. It is also a way in which you can save 15pc with your fingertips,” he added.

Free to download and use, the ultimate aim of Venoo is to create a cashless village in a venue, as well as to provide a completely unique means of social interaction. Venoo uses Stripe to process money securely, and it does not store credit card details, meaning that each individual payment is isolated and 100pc secure. Users can top up with the exact amount they want to spend at the start of a night out, and not have to worry about overspending or losing money, as they no longer have to carry cash or credit cards when they use Venoo. When you have spent money through Venoo, you can see exactly where it went afterwards, making it easier to budget and track spending.