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Blueface invest in a new Data Centre

Wednesday, June 25 11:52:23

Irish cloud-telephony provider, Blueface, today launched a new Point of Presence (PoP) data centre in partnership with Dell and TelecityGroup in an E850,000 investment.

This is the second data centre in the company's portfolio, and its development means that Blueface joins an elite group of core telecommunications providers in Ireland offering full redundancy or back-up on its network.

The PoP, which is located in TelecityGroup Data Centre, North West Business Park, was deployed using state of the art data centre infrastructure from Dell. Blueface invested 850,000 in the creation of the centre, making it a significant milestone in the company's development and an important step in enabling the expansion of the business into the future.

The investment will offer complete reliability to Blueface customers with comprehensive failover capabilities. In addition, a second full point of interconnect means that Blueface can now guarantee network availability, even in the unlikely event of reduced capacity in one data centre.

Speaking at the launch today, Alan Foy, Chief Executive Officer, Blueface, said, "We pride ourselves on providing a trusted service that continues to evolve in line with market demand. As a result, we continue to attract new business customers along with experiencing increased demand from existing customers. Our growing data centre requirements demonstrate this positive progression in Blueface's growth and we are delighted to further develop our excellent relationship with the TelecityGroup, and to have the support of Dell in deploying state of the art technology for our second PoP."

Liam Halpin, General Manager, Dell Ireland said "We are delighted to have been involved in the engineering of this project with Blueface and indeed to host the launch of its new data centre, a significant development that will prove to be a touchstone in the history of this company. Blueface is a great example of what Ireland's technology sector has to offer on an international stage, and we are delighted that Dell's technology will be integral to its operations as it seeks new opportunities both in Ireland and internationally. There can be no doubt that the future of Blueface is very bright and we at Dell look forward to continuing the relationship between our companies".