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Dublin's Fishtree in South Korean deal

Friday, June 27 14:39:13

Fishtree, a Dublin-based provider of educational content. Has signed a deal with South Korea's SK Telecom, the country's biggest mobile carrier, to deliver personalised learning to classrooms and homes.

In a statement today, SK Telecom said it signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fishtree in Seoul.

Fishtree offers an educational platform to help deliver personalised learning material for students in junior and higher education, according to the statement.

The agreement calls for the parties to develop educational services for institutes and teachers in the United States and the Middle East.

It is the first time SK Telecom has expanded its educational business market to the U.S.

SK's interactive leading solutions and management tools for smart devices will be embedded with Fishtree-developed educational platforms based on HTML5 Web language.

SK's mobile device management solution will help students use qualified educational content and better prepare for classes. Its interactive learning solution enables content and other back-up materials to be shared among teachers and students, improving efficiency in classes.

"We will step up efforts to diversify our business portfolio and the learning business is the segment that has growth potential for us," a company spokesman said.

He declined to reveal further financial details.