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Isolated Cameron's final Juncker attack

Friday, June 27 15:08:50

David Cameron renewed his attacks on Jean-Claude Juncker as unsuitable to run the European Commission, leaving the U.K. Prime Minister increasingly isolated.

He mounted a final push to convince fellow leaders in Europe to halt the former Luxembourg premier's appointment despite the fact that Britain's traditional ally in Europe, the Netherlands has come out in favour of Juncker.

"It's the wrong person, Cameron told reporters in Brussels today before the second part of a European Union summit. "Jean-Claude Juncker has been at the heart of the project to increase the power of Brussels and reduce the power of nation states for his entire working life. He's not the right person to take this organisation forward."

The 28-nation EU's leaders are scheduled to discuss over lunch their pick to run the commission, which proposes and enforces bloc-wide laws and monitors the single market. With traditional British allies from Germany to Sweden opting to back the Luxembourger, Cameron faced calls by fellow government heads to help steer a Juncker-led commission to deregulatory policies and the U.K. to smoother ties with the EU.

"It's very important that the program that Juncker puts forward is very market-oriented," Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said. "In the U.K., some people need to very seriously wake up and smell the coffee; the European Union is a very good thing for the United Kingdom."