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New car sales at best since 2008

Tuesday, July 01 15:14:40

New car sales in Ireland have reached their highest levels since the financial crisis of 2008, according to figures compiled by

It found that sales in the first half of 2014 have been the highest in six years with an increase of 24pc on the same period last year.

In the six months to June, almost 66,000 units have been sold.

The last time full year sales surpassed 100,000 was in 2008 and, an online company that monitors sales, estimates 2014 could surpass 90,000 units. Commercial sales in the business world have also increased by 43pc.

“The Irish motor trade has suffered badly in terms of closures and job losses in recent years so the return to normality this year has provided some very welcome relief to dealers who have been under pressure” said Michael Rochford, managing director of

Positive consumer sentiment is seen as the principal reason for the increase, particularly in the latter stages of 2013.

So far the top selling brands have been Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai while Golfs, Qashquis, Focuses and Corollas have proved the most popular models.

In the commercial world, the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Caddy, Citroen Berlingo and Land Rover Discovery have come out on top.