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Ryanair 10th cheapest airline in world

Friday, July 04 17:14:45

Ireland's Ryanair has been ranked the tenth cheapest airline in the world.

The global price comparison claims to have found the world's cheapest airline - but have you ever heard of it?

Firefly's average airfare for a one-way ticket is just AUS44 (E30.28), according to research by

The subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines flies domestic routes in Malaysia and short-haul international flights to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Four of the top 10 cheapest airlines are from Asia, while another three are from Turkey.

Ireland's Ryanair, which is often considered one of the cheapest budget airlines, sits in 10th place on the list which calculates the average one-way ticket prices excluding any checked luggage. calculated the average prices given for 3,220,000 flight searches made by its users.

But the report has to be taken with a grain of salt, as it makes no analysis of the varying distances each carrier covers.

Still, if it's a dirt-cheap airfare you're after, here are the cheapest low-cost airlines based on their average prices per route (in AUD):

1. Firefly (Malaysia) E30.28 2. VivaAerobus (Mexico) E44.73 3. Air Asia (Malaysia) E49.55 4. SpiceJet (India) E51.62 5. FastJet (Tanzania) E52.99 6. Onur Air (Turkey) E55.06 7. Atlasjet (Turkey) E61.94 8. Tigerair (Singapore) E62.63 9. Pegasus Airlines (Turkey) E64.00 10. Ryanair (Ireland) E65.38 11. IndiGo Air (India) E68.13 12. Peach (Japan) E69.51 13. Wizz Air (Hungary) E69.51 14. Jetstar (Australia) E77.08 15. Allegiant Air (US) E78.46.