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World Cup final to strain Brazil's Web

Friday, July 11 13:56:57

Analysts say that global online streaming of the World Cup final will generate three times (4.3 exabytes) the monthly IP traffic of that generated by the host country's 201 million inhabitants.

Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) say that, on average, 60,000 fans travelling to and attending a World Cup match will generate more mobile IP traffic than the entire 94 million smartphone subscribers in Brazil during 'busy-hour' traffic.

The near 80,000 fans at Sunday's final in the Maracana Stadium will far out-strip this level of online activity.

The current Cisco VNI Forecast predicts a strong increase in IP traffic within the next World Cup four-year cycle. By the time of the next World Cup Finals in 2018, Internet activity will have increased to such an extent that the traffic for 2018 alone - will equal all internet traffic from its onset to last year (19842013) (1.3 zettabytes ).

To put this in context, by 2018, monthly global IP traffic will be equal to 7.6 billion screens (the world population will reach 7.6 billion people by 2018 according to the United Nations) simultaneously streaming the FIFA World Cup Final in Ultra High-Definition (UHD) or 4K video format.

The Forecast attributes this predicted surge in IP traffic to the anticipated growth in internet users; future Wi-Fi traffic exceeding wired traffic; the continued proliferation of devices other than personal computers (PCs) using the internet (e.g., smartphones, tablets, et al.) and an increased demand for HD and UHD video.

Cisco Country Manager for Ireland, Adam Grennan said that a major factor in IP traffic growth will be the interconnectivity of smart devices including lightbulbs, fridges, cars and televisions.

This networking of devices and things is creating a new wave of interconnectivity, an Internet of Everything. The trends identified in the Cisco Visual Networking Index confirm that the Internet of Everything is a reality. By 2018, for the first time ever, the majority of Internet traffic will come from devices other than PCs. These incredible innovations represent significant opportunities for service providers today and in the future," he added.

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