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ASL's giant Hercules for Shannon base

Monday, July 21 15:31:09

Irish aircraft leasing group, ASL Aviation, today said that the ten giant Lockheed Martin LM-100J Hercules transport aircraft it bought last week will be based in Shannon.

ASL plans to initially base two of the aircraft in Shannon, to be used on missions ranging from oil-spill response to humanitarian aid.

The Hercules' crews and support staff will be based in Shannon where Air Contractors, an ASL Group company, already has its own maintenance base.

The decision follows the signing of a Letter of Intent by ASL Aviation Group with aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin to order up to 10 LM-100J commercial Hercules freighter aircraft. The intention is to progressively transition these new aircraft into the fleet, replacing the older models.

"We've long relied on our L-100s to deliver results that no other aircraft can produce," said Hugh Flynn, chief executive, ASL Aviation Group. "We take pride in our L-100 fleet, and we eagerly look forward to our future as LM-100J operators. We are also very happy to be announcing Shannon as a new L-100 base. Shannon is already an important base for ASL and we look forward to growing our activity there in the months and years ahead."

Shannon Airport Chairman Rose Hynes welcomed the announcement as another early win for the International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) at Shannon. "ASL is already a valued partner for Shannon Airport, and we are delighted that ASL has now selected Shannon as a new base for its L-100 Hercules operations," he said.

"Shannon is a cost-effective and efficient base for specialist aircraft, such as these, that fly important missions to curb pollution and transport humanitarian aid. We're proud to welcome them, and we're committed to helping ASL develop at Shannon."

"This is another a positive early gain for the International Aviation Services Centre at Shannon, which we plan to grow as an aviation centre of excellence, building on the aviation related activities already located in the Shannon Free Zone area," added Ms Hynes.

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